#1 Why we are here... by museumskills 03.01.2013 15:37


Allow me to explain what this forum is intended to do.

Museums hold many, many important artifacts. Still, most artifacts of value (I'm sure its over 99%), historic or otherwise, are in the hands of private collectors. I personally would like to see much more of these objects in the hands of professional organizations, but collectors certainly play a part in saving what we call material cultural heritage... you folks would call them artifacts... maybe collectibles.

The plan is to provide professional advice to you, the collector, in storage and display methods. The right storage method can extend the life of an artifact by thousands of years. Decades at the very least. We will do what ever we can to help, with the interests of your artifacts in mind. Whether you collect as an investment or out of personal interest, I'm sure these methods are in your best interest too.

We are the staff of the Brenham Heritage Museum. We have fifteen years between the two people moderating this forum. We have worked for the Texas Park Service, the Witte Museum, the Imperial War Museum (London), the British Museum, the Star of the Republic Museum, the St. Barbe Museum of the New Forest Coast, the San Antonio Conservation Society, and the San Antonio Spanish Governor's Palace. We have experience in textiles, firearms, paper artifacts, furniture, ceramics, and art. We will provide the best advice we can give... but as a disclaimer... we cannot be responsible for damage or loss of artifacts. We can advise, but the risk must remain yours.

That's just legal stuff, I'm sure you understand. Ask away. We will check back regularly. Even if we have not had activity in months... which may happen, let's be honest... we will answer your question.

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